17 Adventurous Lessons The San Fermin Festival Can Teach Us


San Fermin is not JUST about running away from wild bulls, drinking, and pumping lots of adrenaline. It has a lovely philosophy and it teaches us so many great things. Come have a look!

1. It’s about sharing the same passion, fear, panic and excitement together with thousands. It’s about uniting!

2. Maybe it will be the first time you feel so close to real danger.

3. Or you feel death chasing you!

4. You know what it really means to be stuck in between!

5. You embrace fear. You overcome it, become stronger.

6. You realize what you can do when your body pumps adrenaline.

7. You know what it means to get together for one cause.

8. You know life is not just about fun!

9. You experience living on the edge…


10. And you go over all the things you did in your life, in milliseconds.

11. But still, you know you can have a laugh, even in the worst situations.

12. You know what it means to be buried under tons of things.

13. You learn the importance of fast decision making.

14. You, now, position yourself better. Your stance and your plans are more solid.

15. You know that after the game, the pawn and the king are put in the same box…

16. San Fermin will make you experience being all alone in the crowd at times.

17. And it will teach you that, no matter what, you are actually on your own!

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