17 Signs Showing You Are A Great Partner!


Being in a relationship is never easy. It requires responsibility, dedication and honesty. In return, you get something wonderful. 

We need to tell you that your partner is really lucky if you are able to relate yourself to these things on our list 😍😍😍

1. You are always there when your partner needs you.

2. You might not be your partners everything. But you have everything your partner wants and needs.

3. You don't need special days or magazine suggestions to make 'little surprises'. Your relationship always has that excitement.

4. You, of course, have problems in your relationship. The good thing is that you are honest and brave enough to speak about them.

5. Words are unnecessary. You understand each other, even without speaking.

6. "Listen first and think before speaking!" You know that this is the golden rule.

7. You trust each other and it's not a problem when your partner doesn't respond to your texts immediately.

8. You are in love and you have no intentions of hiding it.

9. Your partner matters to you. Maybe this is the most important thing, beyond everything.

10. No tactics, no strategies. You live your relationship as you feel it.

11. You do not try to change your partner. You love your partner with his/her differences.

12. Everyone needs some alone time. You know this and respect it.

13. It's natural to be jealous. You are honest about it and try to solve it before it becomes a problem.

14. Now and the future is more important than the past.

15. You know that your partner is not a thing you have. Sharing your lives together is a thing you have.

16. Everyone lies. It's okay, as long as you try to understand each other.

17. You are able to say 'we' without fearing it.

You don't have to do anything to have fun. It's always fun when you are together.

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