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> 17 Signs Introverts Live In Another World!

The terms introvert and extrovert were first included in the literature of modern psychology by Carl Jung. Today, we use these words quite often while defining personalities. We are all somewhere between these two lines.

Let's take a close look at the world of introverts!

1. First of all, contrary to the popular belief, they aren't shy or anti-social.

Being shy or anti-social is something completely different. Introversion is a personality trait and doesn't have much to do with the other two terms.

2. Introverts, absorb energy from the outer environment and redirect it onto themselves.

That's why they are more interested in their inner world rather than outer.

3. Their brain is more active and that's why they tend to think, reflect, and dream more.

4. They are naturally creative.

We owe so many great ideas and inventions to such people. Van Gogh, Charles Darwin, Chopin, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Schopenhauer, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Steven Spielberg, J.K Rowling are some of the most well-known examples of introverts.

5. Their life is organized and they can focus on whatever they are working on pretty well.

And that's why they create a new world and zone themselves out and concentrate on their task.

6. And they are always good at what they do.

Research shows that introvert leaders get better results compared to extroverts.

7. They don't like superficiality. That's why they don't chat with everyone.

Although we consider them shy, they actually look for quality communication and exchange.

8. As they try to survive on their own, they are stronger than others think.

The hardships they went through have matured them.

9. They rarely feel lonely: as they have a colorful inner world, they are bored seldom.

These people can retreat to their inner world and relax getting away from the chaos outside.

10. They are more sincere and real.

They have fewer friends, but their friendships are stronger and longer lasting. They don't forgive easily once their trust is broken.😊

11. These people, who you think have problems expressing themselves, are actually quite advanced in empathy and they can understand you better than most people.

12. For them, books are more real and honest than humans.

They find themselves between the lines in a novel.

13. They make rational decisions.

They ponder hard and long before taking a risk or even talking about it.

14. They prefer being on their own and free in nature rather than in a crowd.

15. As they have a deeper and better way of thinking about the incidents and life itself, they have a unique point of view.

16. That's why they know how to be happy with the little things.

17. As they are accused of being shy, depressed and antisocial by extroverted people, they are often told that they are at fault and that they have to change and they might really get depressed at the end.

That's why no matter what our character looks like, we should be aware of our strengths and respect people before we classify or judge them. 😉