17 Reasons Why the People with Grammar Obsession are More Successful in Life


‘You are’ shouldn’t be written like ‘Your’, it is ‘You’re’ it means something else. It doesn’t spell that way’ ‘You should put a comma before an ‘as well’ and so on. Are you familiar with these? We are talking about people who are obsessed with grammar and generally tagged as ‘nerds, killjoys, and smart-asses’ and we say these people are more successful than others. Do you wonder, why?

1. These friends are ‘perfectionists’

Which is abfundamental feature seen in most of successful people.

2. They have an eye in detail.

They are masters at detecting the things no one sees or spots. It helps them to shine out in their jobs.

3. These people have no trouble stating their thoughts loud and clear.

4. They place importance on the little things.

They don’t see anything as unimportant in their life. They can make a good fist of so many things that you don’t give a toss.

5. Their writing skills are very well. So much so that they could teach you.

6. They know well how to use the rules according to their interests, instead of breaking them.

7. They can analyse and evaluate everything down to the last detail.

8. They have a sharp intelligence.

That’s why they are really good at quick decision-making and evaluation, etc.

9. They are incredibly well-organised.

These people know well about everything has a place and a goal and they need to be planned in that way.

10. They review every single stage in detail before they complete an assignment.

11. They are attached to the principle ‘If you do something, be the best of it.’

12. They have quite high standards and expectations from other people but especially from themselves.

13. They are perfect speech givers.

14. They know well about how to transmit something to the other side better than what they are about to say.

15. They can focus on more than one subject at a time.

16. They love to be independent and they reflect it to their jobs.

17. They work hard.

Bonus - they never have any trouble taking the lead.

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