17 Moments "Nerds" Will Never Understand!

> 17 Moments "Nerds" Will Never Understand!

We respect you. You work harder than all others and do your best to get the best grades. The title 'dork/nerd' comes along with it, too. But let’s face it, there are certain things you guys can’t understand, just like we don’t get things you do. A+ for example. 

Here are 17 things hard workers miss out on during their time in school. If it’s not too late yet, get moving guys!

1. When the professor says he’ll hand out all of the lecture notes for the entire semester.

2. When your friends agree that they never checked those notes before the exam either. Or you both understood; no shit.

3. Reaching out for help during the exam and getting none.

4. “Is everyone clear on this subject? If there are no questions, we’re moving on.” Yeah I got it all, sure.

5. The never ending “I’ll start studying after this episode/game” cycle. Vicious!

6. Cutting down 100 pages of notes to 15 just because you THINK they won’t be included in the exam.

7. Gym A+, Algebra C-…How can I score so good on unnecessary things, and so bad on the important ones?

8. When the teacher changes your seat because you talk too much, but little do they know that you bring chaos wherever you go!

9. “Ok you two stop laughing now! Do you mind sharing what’s so funny with the entire class?”

10. All you do with the books is try to find photos that look like yourselves. “Hahaha dude look at this guy. He’s SO you. Hahahahah!”

11. During the exam, all the others are using hi-tech gadgets like calculators, rulers and more, and you’re sitting on your ass feeling like…

12. Who is the first one to ask whether you could leave if you finish early? Of course you!

13. And your reaction when people ask for a second paper to write their answers…

14. Need an A- on your finals to pass? Might as well stop studying! BADASS!

15. If a paper is due in more than two days, it’s time off from school for you.

16. You think you can sort it all out in one looong night, but, here’s your ordeal now…You’ll get there, don’t worry! NOT!

17. Choosing the closest option to the weird numbers you found, and thinking you have a lead.

Hmmmm no 87857858.11821 in the choices. So the answer must be 9!

Bonus – It’s 40 minutes till the class is over. That’s 2x20 minutes and just 4x10 minutes. Ah, not so bad now!