17 Life Altering Troubles People With Sleep Disorder Face Everyday!


Your work shifts might be offbeat or you are an artist who gets creative late at night. Your baby is keeping you awake or you are depressed. It doesn't matter. Your sleep hours are all fked up and you're suffering from deep sleep deficiency.

1. You can't sleep when you need to. But you can easily fall asleep when you CAN'T!

2. Even if you manage and finally go to sleep at a decent hour, you know it'll go back to normal (abnormal) the next day.

3. You constantly try and stay awake some nights just so you can go back to your ruined sleeping cycle.

4. You've already accepted the fact that you will never have a proper sleeping cycle.

5. You always feel tired. You are totally not a morning person.

6. Your only dream is to sleep normally like other people.

7. Your sleep deficiency acts like an independent entity from you and it’s your worst enemy.

8. You wake up so many times when you sleep. Checking your phone is the only activity you can do at that time.

9. You are jealous of people who can go to sleep instantly.


10. When you wake up early, the day feels so long. When you wake up late it feels short.

11. When you are trying to get some sleep, there is always something or someone interrupting you.

That f.king door bell!

12. "5 more minutes!" is your motto!

13. If you fell asleep on the couch you certainly do not want to change places even if it’s not comfortable. You can’t risk your sleep.

14. Your routine will never give you the space you need to you fix your sleeping disorder.

15. Only good thing is that you can watch the one you love all night.

16. Another regular thing for you is your sleep irregularity.

17. The reason for all this is that you actually hate these obligatory sleep hours.

One needs to arrange his own sleep hours!

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