16 Points That Prove Riding A Bike Is The Coolest Thing!!


Can we agree on the fact that bikes are the coolest things that are out there? It is the sweetest form of freedom. If you've ever ridden a bike in your life, you would know how precious it is! Prepare yourself to get ready for cycling after reading this one, as it will only make you want to cycle more!


1. Riding a bike is a recall to your inner child.

You would know if you grow up wandering around with your bike in the neighborhood.

2. Choosing a bike is a stance for all the traffic chaos out there.

Which one would you prefer: being stuck in traffic or being free on your bike?

3. Riding a bike is choosing to stay healthy!

If you're commuting to work on your bike, chances are you're doing your daily workout at the same time. Win-win!

4. Riding a bike is also respectful move to mother nature.

It is known that bicycles are the cleanest way of transportation that doesn't harm nature.

5. Riding a bike shows your attitude towards life!!

It indicates that you are after a sustainable and better life.

6. Riding a bicycle is the real freedom!

If your favorite vehicle is a bike, you know that that's the actual symbol of your wheeled freedom. It's not flying, but it's rather like floating... You can relate if you've ever ridden a bike, even once in your life.

7. Riding a bicycle gives you a chance to be in the moment.

Bike-lovers know that the journey is more important than the destination.

8. It is a good way to stand for a better life.

Even if there are obstacles, it is about not giving up on better days.

9. Riding a bike is realizing that life is all about enjoying the ride, no matter what.

It's not about losing, it is not about winning. It is about being you in the process and being proud of it!

10. Riding a bicycle is knowing how to let go.

It is the best way to run away from your problems. Your problems are gonna be there when you get back, so let yourself rest for a while!

11. It is embracing the society with all its flaws.

12. Riding a bike is knowing how to keep in balance.

Remember the times you were learning how to ride a bike? It helps you to keep an harmonious life.

13. Riding a bike teaches us how to stand up after we fall.

14. It is about being brave in between all the chaos.

15. It is about standing up to the material things that are dominating the world.

16. In short, riding a bike is knowing how to love and spread the positive vibes!

Don't hesitate to cycle for a second!

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