16 People You Should Leave Behind For A Better Life!


In the age of uncertainty, stress, instant communication and such, we all find ourselves seeking a clearer mindset. Did you stop for a second and think about the people behind your frustration? We know it's hard but it's time to let go if you want to up your life!

1. The ones who stress you.

2. The ones who makes you sad.

3. Ones who don’t respect you.

4. Ones who lie.

5. The ones who are not afraid to hurt you.

6. Ones who act nice, but actually talk shit about you.

7. The ones who disappointed you.

8. The ones who don’t care about you.

9. The ones who succeed in surprising you with their dis-ingenuousness.

10. The ones who make you feel worse when you need support.

11. The ones who ‘need’ to remain in your past.

12. The ones who don’t trust you.

13. The ones who are trying to use you both morally and materially.

14. The ones who never see their mistakes.

15. The ones that constantly make up excuses, complain and waste your energy.

16. The ones who weren’t there when you were down.

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