16 Awkward Boyfriend Fails From 2018 To Make You Appreciate Being Single!


It's hard to be single this time of year but when you see these fails, you'll be glad being single!

1. Boyfriend spoil his girlfriend with an ice cream in a bowl...


3. The wrongest way to cut an avocado!

4. Boyfriend who melted some Kraft singles on tortilla chips and called 'em nachos...

5. He thinks it is right to put the butter away in a dirty fridge like this...

6. Boyfriend misunderstood the dressing as The Penguin...

7. You had one job!

8. Boyfriend who tried to draw on his girlfriend's right brow...


10. At least, he tried...


12. Boyfriend who loves show offing hung up all his certificates on the wall!


14. Drunken boyfriend texted his girlfriend asking where she was at while standing right next to her...


16. Boyfriend who is monster!

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