15 Unusual Tricks Advertisers Use To Make Food Look Tasty!


Photographers know how to make food look more tasty and delicious. They spend a considerable amount of time to make food look delicious and juicy. The tricks they use to get the best out of those food are certainly unusual!

Here are 15 of tricks photographers use to take delicious food photographs!

Source: https://brightside.me/wonder-curiosities...

1. Using artifical steam to make the food look like it is hot

2. Using wax the fixate the sauces.

3. Stuffing chicken with paper towels so that it looks more voluptuous.

4. Using antacids to make soft drinks bubbly.

5. Using glue instead of milk when shooting a photograph of cereal.

6. Using plastic ice cubes instead of real ones.

7. Using shaving cream instead of real whipped cream.

8. Replacing ice cream with colored mashed potatoes.

9. Using liquid soap to create foam over drinks.

10. Using cardboard and toothpicks between the layers of cake to keep the cakes dry.

11. Using glucose syrup over Chinese noodles

12. Using glycerin to make seafood look fresh.

13. Burger patties are colored with shoe polished so that they look roasted.

14. Instead of maple syrup, food photographers use engine oil!

15. Food photographs use deodorant to make fruit shiny.

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