15 Things You Need To Know About Intelligence Lover Sapiosexuals!

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> 15 Things You Need To Know About Intelligence Lover Sapiosexuals!

Have you ever felt like you can't stand 'stupid' people?

Do you have trouble with being in the same atmosphere with them, or feel like time passes so slowly?

If your answer is 'yes,' you may be a sapiosexual too...


Sapiosexuals are the people who admire the intelligence of people rather than the outer appearance. They break free from the norms of the society.


They have a perspective without the common social acceptances, they do not just accept social facts without questioning them.



They refuse to conform to societal standards, which people support with their eyes closed.


They are the people who can think deep with their subtle minds and see the circumstances from a different point of view.


The important thing for them is how effectively and properly a person can use his/her intelligence rather than how much they have.


One of the most important things for sapiosexuals is the self confidence of other people. They want to see the sparkle of confidence from a high level of intelligence in a person's eyes. For them, the eyes are the way to the heart and that sparkle is a turn on.


Also, these people admire power, because they know the biggest power is intelligence. For them, the brain is the tool to reach that power.



They are overly detail oriented, they can pick up the high level of intellect behind the sentences a person is forming, and are fascinated by it.


They are very self conscious and they are extra aware of their own actions and intentions. They can perceive some of their own actions as odd while the other people won't even notice those actions.



They prefer to evaluate the people who are labeled as 'stupid' or 'clever' by others, on their own. Because they know that being labeled as 'stupid' or 'clever' by society is not only based on those people's intelligence, but was based also on the outer appearance and social status too.


They think that the most effective sexual organ is the brain, and they need a superior one than their own to be turned on by the person.



These people make love to words, play with them, find the pleasure in manipulating them.


They are aware that sexiness is not only composed of the body but it also contains knowledge and intellect of the person too.


They are usually misunderstood by people and labeled as arrogant or greedy.


Lastly, there is one more thing you need to know about these people and that is the fact that they don't actually care about being understood by society or being socially accepted.