15 Things Those Trying To Be A Good Person Want To But Can't Say

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> 15 Things Those Trying To Be A Good Person Want To But Can't Say

Everybody is scared of something, and we, as truly good people, are scared of our own inner consciousness. That is the strongest and most intensive power that fuels us.

1. Daily life is not easy for us. Excessive spending makes us feel guilty! It isn't easy to be us!

'You could feed three people for a month with the money that you spent on...!' 

Calculations like this are always on our minds.

2. Wastefulness is the thing that we hate most! If you don't care about your bills, think about all those people who have no access to that clean water before you fill that bath again.

We would also like to be totally chill about all of this, but we are who we are and we can't help it.

3. Littering? Do you guys even think about the possibility of a fish eating your trash and getting sick? Are you f*cking crazy?

Or what if that plastic bag you threw on the street was blown away to the sea by the wind and got stuck on a dolphin's head and disturbed the poor animal until the end of its days?

We prefer filling our bags with trash first than to have to live with this idea.

4. We aren't trying to show off when we speak out about injustice.

Everybody who has a moral compass knows very well that who doesn't object to cruelty is on the side of the tyrant. That's why we are so vocal!

5. Inner consciousness is stronger than our egos. That's why we will always do the thing that we think is right, despite all those who speak ill behind our backs.

We aren't stupid. We know what people think of us and they think we are idiots most of the time.

6. We don't care about being a leader. We don't give advice to, protect or help whoever needs it for our own self-interest.

Believe me when I say this: people do good things without expecting anything in return!

7. We are mostly scared of answering to ourselves, much more than answering to others.

We are the most strict judges of ourselves. We always think 'Did I do everything I could? Could I have done better?'

8. We would love to be selfish. We avoid playing the game according to its rules in romantic relationships because we want to do the right and the fair things. And at the end, we get hurt.

9. We not only consider the person we are dealing with, but also the friends and family of that person, as well, which brings us close to losing our minds.

10. We keep things bottled up just not to emotionally manipulate someone.

'If he doesn't love me, he should of course break up with me' is how we try to be correct even during a break up.

11. We know very well that everybody is different and everyone's life conditions are subject to change. We don't like blaming and judging people.

We think 'He probably has his own reasons' and move on.

12. We try to be fair even to our worst enemy. We often make wrong choices although we can predict the result quite well.

13. The worst part of the day is watching the news full of war and violence while knowing we can't do anything to stop it.

Do you have any idea what 'not being able to do anything' means for us?

14. Nothing can upset us as much as those who think we do favors out of self interest.

That's the biggest possible insult to our characters.

15. But most of the time, we sleep in peace at night. When we look at the mirror, our conscience is more than clean.

And that's the most relieving feeling in the world despite all the troubles we go through!