15 Reasons Why We LOVE Woody Allen Movies

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> 15 Reasons Why We LOVE Woody Allen Movies

'Life is full of misery, loneliness, and suffering - and it's all over much too soon.' Woody Allen

Woody Allen is undoubtedly one of the real geniuses in Hollywood. His high intelligence and intellectual attitude are some of the reasons why many people look up to him and enjoy the movies he makes. Let's see why we love his movies so much!

1. All Woody Allen movies are products of intelligence.

2. Because of his style and language, his movies make you feel like you are reading a book rather than watching something.

3. Woody Allen uses his intelligence and intellectual side, which is why we are pretty satisfied every time we finish a movie of his: both in a musical and literary way.

His movies are both a feast for the eyes and ears!

4. You can see traces of Kierkegaard, Fitzgerald, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Goethe, Freud and many more in his movies.

Artception! 😍

5. And he certainly makes us love jazz. 🎼🎺

6. He is such a master of comedy that he both gives you abdominal pain due to excessive laughter and makes you think and question.

7. Even those who hate romantic movies can enjoy this great man's movies.

Because he depicts relationships with their whole reality, without the bullsh*t, superficial, and cliche romance. 😎

8. You can see traces of his great mind in almost every scene.

The swift wit, the criticisms to society, and even occasional self-mocking... All that is left for us to do is to enjoy!

9. He also encourages his audience to think about certain subjects thanks to the psychological analysis he makes in his movies.

Especially about 'existentialism.'

10. All of this contributes to your enjoyment. Being able to live the movie wholly: both with your mind and emotions.

That is the exact same difference between Woody Allen movies and other superficial movies.

11. The characters he creates have their own unique aspects, and he presents them in such a way that you try to figure out each of them.

If you find yourself analyzing the characters while watching the movie and start making guesses about the plot, it is more than normal. It happens to all Woody Allen audiences.

12. Casting is at least as good as the movie itself, casting in Woody Allen movies is actually legen- wait for it -dary!

Especially considering the casting in 'Midnight in Paris.' :)

13. Thanks to his realistic style and language, it feels like the actors aren't acting at all, but only chatting with you.

And the message he wants to give through these characters is 'hang on to life no matter what happens to you.'

14. The locations in his movies are so well chosen that you feel like taking a trip to that place, if not moving and settling there. :)

15. And at the end, the feeling you get is more than having watched a movie, but also having listened to great music and read an awesome book.