15 Inventions That Are Actually Insanely Useful!


As technology advances, so does all the tools that make our lives easier. This is article brings all the cool and useful tools that make all the easy tasks even easier. 

Long live technology, long live creative innovations!

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1. Massive improvement to all the car parks.

Simple, if there's a car, the spot is marked red, if not, green. So now you can easily see if there's spot available for your pretty Prius in that corridor you're watching.

2. Slides instead of long and boring stairs.

It's not as funny when you are going up but face it, going down would be so much fun. But then again, we bet there'll be people queueing up to slide.

3. Heating/Cooling with smartphone.

A really useful tool for office workers. We must first calculate how much it will drain your battery, though. Yet still, brilliant!

4. Bicycle spots that go away when not in use.

This technology is currently used in Luxembourg and it seems to be working so well. All those bicycle spots sticking on the pavement now go under the pavement, in their own place when they are not in use.

5. Tile!

Now you can say goodbye to all the panic attacks when you can't find your keys. This cool thing matches with your phone and you can find where your keys are very easily by using your phone. 

It's similar to Find My iPhone but creative minds improved this technology to add that extra convenience.

6. Another perfect solution! Thingie for all your hair stuck on the brush.

Especially ladies...You will worship this thing. We all know how annoying it can get when your hairbrush is literally swarmed with all the loose hair. But now, with just one quick move, you can get rid of them once and for all!

7. This one's for public restrooms.

Instead of burning your battery or god forbid going to the toilet without your phone, this feature could be really helpful. Just put together some clips from funny movies or videos and you're all set. Just make you you don't soil the screen! Ew!

8. Solar powered charger.

Especially after Leo's Oscars speech, preserving the environment and using more efficient products are once more back on the spotlight. 

This charger uses sunlight to charge itself, and then charges your phone. Quick and easy, right? Plus, it makes Leo happy!

9. Direct USB charge without the plug attachment

This technology is now more and more popular in the States. New homes come with these cool sockets that allow USB charging. This way, you don't have to look for where you last left your adapter!

10. Reversible bench

It's rainy and you want to enjoy the rain and that fresh smell of the grass at the park. But all the seats are soaking wet! Say no more, these reversible benches will  make sure one side always remain dry. 

These benches are very common in Scandinavian countries.

11. Self extending socket.

Wouldn't it be perfect if every socket came with this? No need to buy external products or worry about the length of your plug.

12. Bag with a built in hoodie

It's extremely convenient. You can easily protect yourself from the rain, cold or wind. You don't have to carry an extra hat or umbrella.

13. Time to fix your f*cked up headphone cables.

If your headphones look as complicated as the blackboard down here, time to fix that and bring you to perfection.

This zipped headphone case will both protect your headphones and save you TONS of time. Your headphones are good to go soon as you take them out of your pocket.

14. USB chargeable batteries

Batteries always existed but as we are all surrounded by usb sockets, why bother with charging batteries long hours? Just plug these usbcells into your computer and you're all set!

15. Time to prevent all the spilling.

We are all sloppy when we drink coffee or tea. This small trick will prevent all the spilling and save you coasters. 

You can actually do this addition on your own, but probably it's easier to just order from Amazon or eBay since you are too lazy to drink your coffee properly!

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