14 Awkward Situations People With Rare Names Go Through

> 14 Awkward Situations People With Rare Names Go Through

Having a rare name is both a good and a bad thing. You have to spell out your name each and every time, again and again. But, once people get to know your name, you’re not easily forgotten. 

But still, your name on your drink is NEVER correct. :/

1. You always have to tell people what your name means.

“It means 'little drops of the first rain over the heavens'...” I don’t know, check the meaning yourself!

2. Every time you meet someone new, you hear “Oh what an unusual name.” “Wow that’s very interesting.” “It must have a beautiful meaning.”

Yeah, thanks. Your rain, rain drops? It’s the first rain drop over the heavens. Yeah heaven, from heaven and hell. Mmmhm yeah that’s right. Uh huh.

3. You have to spell out your name in government related papers, phone calls, and so on.

Ok yes, it’s Frasconsuela. F as in Fuck you, R as in Rare, A as in Abnormal, S as in Sexy, C as in Cool, O as in Obnoxious, S as in Super cool, U as in U luv it, E as in Extremely cool, L as in Lovely, A as in Amazing!

4. You can never find any jewelry with your name on it.

Hmm there’s John, James, Hamilton, Henry…Excuse me do you have Flaubert? 

Do I have WHAT?!

5. You spend half of your school life telling your teachers your name.

No ma'am, that’s not my name. You know rain, rain drops? You know heaven?

6. When you make a reservation, you always stick to your easy fake name.

“Yeah, table for 4. Name is Frasc...Name is John, thanks.”

7. Your friends always shorten your name to make it a ‘pun.’

Hey Fran what’s up? Yo Frannie how you doing? Franniesca what uuuup? 

Franniesca? The hell?

8. Spell checkers will always fail your name.

9. You always endure “Ha ha did your parents hate you, giving you that name?” jokes.

Yeah dumbass...Clearly your parents forgot using protection themselves and then you came! BURN!

10. When you call the customer service, your name is repeated 9 times for confirmation.

11. IF you have auto-correct on, you can never spell your name.

12. When you meet someone, they immediately remember you the next time you see them.

13. People can easily find everything about you on the internet.

That’s probably another person with the same name. 

Dude are you kidding me?  It’s you!

14. You don’t have to bother adding numbers to your email, like common people do. Ugh, so dull. And your email is Ahhh, so much better!