14 Signs That Are Screaming The End Of Your Relationship


Everyone wants their relationship to last forever. But in reality, your relationship might not be as healthy as you think it is. We are all more experienced after each relationship, and all of these experiences pool together for your perfect relationship. But first, you need to check these signs, and see if you really should end your relationship and set sail to new ones.

1. You have different expectations for the future

It’s everyone’s dream...to be with someone you share your future plans with. But, if you have different opinions on family life, work, career, goals and more, you might find it harder to work things out in the future. Having a future is what makes a relationship stay alive, after all. Don’t we all dream of that perfect house with those French windows? If you don't share a common future with your partner, it’s time to go over the whole thing and see if it’s really worth continuing.

2. Nothing makes them happy anymore

Even though you try and do your best, you just can’t make them as happy as they used to be any more. Wake up and realize some things between you might have died. Even when you used to tickle each other, you had a lot more fun than this. Do you have to work really hard to get that smile? You should really know that you can’t ‘create’ happiness. It’s just there, and it’s felt. If you can’t see it anymore, it’s time to look for that happiness in someone else…

3. You never feel confident anymore

Everyone has those moments when we feel weak and don’t have any confidence in ourselves. This is normal. But if this is happening quite often in a relationship, we don’t have very good news. We always want to feel that confidence, morale boost, re-assurance and caring from our partner. But if you are not getting any of these feelings, your loved one may not be as present. If they are not with you when you need them the most…

4. You can’t find much to say about them when you talk to friends & family.

Remember those first months? You kept talking about her. You kept talking about all those things that made you crazy. Your friends and family saw your eyes sparkle every time you mentioned her. No one expects this to last forever, but still; you can at least put a warm smile on your face when you talk about them. If none of these are happening anymore, maybe it’s time to find someone else, and let your eyes shine bright again.

5. You keep postponing the inevitable again and again and again…

Just after the holiday, just after the finals, I need to get this project over with. How long can you keep ignoring that it’s over? How much longer can you be in a dead relationship? The more you wait, the worse it gets. If you are not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s no use to wait in the tunnel. Just be done with this tunnel and move on…

6. More fighting, less fun

Well, every couple has a fight every now and then. It helps the relationship mature and lets the sides know each other better. But if you keep fighting, and the amount of time you two have fun is less than the amount of time you argue, it’s time to put this behind. Before you have another fight, take a deep breath and face the consequences.

7. One of you cries much more often

Are you experiencing feelings that make you cry more often? Do you feel depressed and lonely? Whatever it is that you are feeling, the main cause is probably your dying relationship. Why do you think you are crying in your room all the time? Wipe away your tears. It’s time to let go…

8. Your problems start affecting your normal life

Do you go to work unhappy? Do you see less of your friends? We bet you don’t want to go out or see your parents, either. Maybe all of this is caused by the problems in your relationship. Maybe you can’t really focus on any of them because you are so focused on the future of your relationship. When you become aware of this unsociable life, you also realize your relationship has already ended.

9. You don’t see much of each other

You don’t go on dates as often as you used to. You don’t get happy when you know you will meet. Your mind is calmer and thinks less of them when you are away. You slowly start to realize that your days go better when you're not together. You made the decisions to sort out some of the problems, but how much farther will you actually go? Long distance relationship? Stop kidding yourself.

10. You find yourself flirting with others

It’s acceptable to a certain degree, especially if you are a flirty type. But if you are checking out all the ladies in every place you go, we have problems. On top of it all, you actually don’t feel regretful or guilty while you flirt with others. On the contrary, you feel happy and wanted. I guess we don’t need to say any more. Why don’t you try doing this when no one is in your love life?

11. You don’t trust each other as much

Trust is the very foundation of a mature relationship. But your relationship lacks trust, therefore it lacks its foundation. You can’t really trust each other anymore, but you can’t really say it either. Quite soon, one of you will snap and you'll finally end it.

12. You start lying more often

There is no innocence in lying, even if you mean well. We all need to lie every now and then to create some time for ourselves. But your lies become bigger and worse each time. You start making excuses to avoid your partner and you actually find it easier to do so every time. The real problem is not your lying personality, but the very core of your relationship.

13. You always keep saying if X happens, it will all be better…

You two need to work on these problems. An external event won’t solve your problems all of a sudden. Maybe a better job or an opportunity would help ease some things, but you need to sit down and have a talk. How many times have you actually waited for that X thing to happen? Face reality and make those radical changes now.

14. You always imagine the future or the past

You've started living in the future, haven’t you? Your happy moments are either in the past, or in this new future you built in your mind. Because you can’t live in the moment, you can’t feel happy now. You both run away to the past or future. It doesn’t matter which direction you run, you are actually running away from the relationship itself. How long do you want to keep doing this? It's time to get back to reality and live in the moment.

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