14 Signs Showing You've Found Your Perfect Guy


Your boyfriend, husband, or partner is already perfect for you. But how perfect, exactly?

1. He’s your biggest fan.

You are always the top on his priority list. Maybe his love does not literally revolve around you, but you are certainly at the center of his attention and life.

2. He has intellectual, fun, and serious talks with you

He never has meaningless talks with you. He always has something important to say, and you two can talk about certain things for hours and hours. Sometimes, it’s politics; sometimes, it’s gossip or a book. You two can talk about almost any topic.

3. He listens

We always say this is important. Your lover listens to you and cares about what you have to say. He never fakes it. This is, again, very important. If he really listens you and values your opinions, he is the perfect one for you.

4. He gives you space when needed

He never goes all mooshy and gooshy. He gives you your personal space. He understands when you want to see other friends or want to do something on your own.

5. He always tells the truth, not just what you want to hear

Prepare to hear the truth all the time if you are with the right person. He is not saying things to comfort you, but to help you face reality. Even if it hurts, it’s better to face facts than live a lie.

6. He has no trouble accepting his mistakes

He’s not stubborn, and he knows he’s not perfect. He is totally cool about being imperfect, and he’s not insecure.

7. Passionate about his work (What the?)

Yeah, don’t think this is irrelevant. Even if you are the most important thing in his life, it’s also equally important that he cares about his job. Because, if he is satisfied about his work life, he will do everything he can to make his love life perfect, too.

8. He cares about his looks

He is careful about both his looks, and your feelings. This is rare! He's a guy who loves you more than the world and who has clean teeth, dresses well and lives healthy.

9. He knows how and when to spoil you

It’s good to have those little surprises from time to time. He can totally blow your mind with a few words or small surprises. These things keep a relationship fresh!

10. He is kind to your friends

He is kind, not just to you, but to your friends as well. He likes hanging out with them, and has no trouble when you spend time with them alone. He is also quite popular among your friends, too!

11. Respectful

He’s polite to everyone. His friends, co-workers, relatives, parents. He knows how to argue, but still keep it civilized and polite.

12. You don’t need to babysit him

He keeps his place clean, or he at least knows when to clean the place. You don’t need to pick up his dirty socks and undies.

13. Your parents love him

If you get to that phase, and everyone likes each other, that’s a very important sign. He’s comfortable around your parents, and your parents like him too. You can leave him talking to your dad and go help your mom in the kitchen. No biggie!

14. He never wants to lose you, and he’s confident enough to not be afraid of losing you

He’s into you. He loves you, and he wants you in his life, but it is not an obsession. He knows what he wants for himself and for you. He always keeps it reasonable.

Bonus: If we know a guy like this, we’ll give you a call!

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