14 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Place By Just Using Dried Leaves!


Fall is most people's favorite season. It is a nice and pleasant break before we face the freezing cold of winter. Many of us also think that fall is the most romantic season and enjoy walking in the colorful scenery. 

But we can do much more with what this awesome season has to offer! It only makes sense to use the abundant amount of beautiful fall leaves to create delicious decorations to make your home beautiful. It is easy, cheap and it looks amazing!

Here are some examples!

1. If it gets dark early, you can use some candles!


You can adapt your big dining table to the season and create a nice combination using candles and leaves.

2. Branches may also come in handy to replace flowers.


It isn't an absolute rule or anything to only put flowers in the vase on your table. You can use colorful branches that are still slightly wet.

3. And if you insist on dry...


Putting pebbles and various kinds of soil in your vase would be a good idea.

4. It is no problem at all if your leaves are tiny!


You can fill your vase with colorful leaves and create a nice look by combining tiny pumpkins!

5. They will still work magically without pumpkins!


Fall leaves are delightful and amazing in every way: alone or combined with other elements. For example, just a vase with leaves is more than enough to change the ambiance of the room.

6. If you REALLY love nature,


...then you probably have lots of plants in your home and are in love with nature and fall. Then you will also not hesitate to put a small tree on the dining table!

7. Candles and pebbles are your great friends!


You can use candles in fall colors in a jar and add some branches and leaves on top! This will do wonders with your humble table!

Pebbles are also a good alternative if you have other plans with candies. :)

8. Big, white candles are beautiful in every season.


They are very cheap and maybe not that inspiring to use creatively; but when you combine them with fall leaves, it looks just perfect!

9. Aren't the tiny pumpkins super cute?


You will make hearts pop out of your guests' eyes with this one: just put the pumpkins in a vase and adorn them with colorful flowers.

10. And it doesn't have to be a table...


You can also pimp your reading corner with leaves!

11. Tiny candle holders surely look great with leaves.


If you think that your candle holders could use some improvements, you can make them prettier by spending zero money on leaves! Use your imagination and get creative!

12. Are you also looking for functionality?


You can as well make a bowl out of leaves. Glue them accordingly on a balloon and when everything is stable, let it dry and puncture the balloon!

13. Don't limit yourself with leaves, but also use the branches and pine cones.


We are making use of mother nature here; that's why you can use everything that comes from the trees. For example, you can adorn cute jars filled with pine cones with branches.

14. Lastly, your candles shouldn't get lonely!


You can go for candles in fall colors and add some leaves to show off during your special events.

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