13 Unique Experiences Of Children Who Have Their Dog As Their BFF!


We all know dogs are loyal and they are our best friend. Even better they are the perfect company and a play buddy for a child.

1. A dog is the perfect teacher.

2. Both dogs and children can exhaust their high level of energy by playing together.

3. A toddler will never forget their memories with a dog.

4. They are always super fun.

5. They take good care of you.

6. They watch over you while you are asleep.


7. Dogs and children can dig a tunnel together. Because digging tunnels is the best!

8. They do love without any expectation.

9. Whatever happens, they'll keep being good friends.

10. They are the perfect partners in crime.

11. You can always blame on them when you get caught.

12. You don't need a babysitter if you have a dog.

13. They are lifelong friends.

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