13 Shocking Pieces Of Information About Lips

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Lips... We use them to eat, to speak, to kiss and even to express our emotions with our mimics. Maybe we take them for granted, because they take up such little space on our bodies. However, their functions are countless and there's more to them than what meets the eye and what we know.

Let's get to know our lips better, and maybe start appreciating them more!

1. Your lips are 100 times more sensitive than your finger tips.


There are more than a million nerve endings in our lips: that's the reason why they are so sensitive. However, there is no protective layer on them, which makes them also quite vulnerable.

2. The reason why your lips get dry so easily and quickly is because they don't have sweat glands.


The areas that have sweat glands are kept moist. The lack of these glands in your lips causes them to dry and that's why you have to moisturize them often.

3. Your lip print is unique.


Just like the finger prints...

4. The color of your lips comes from the color of the blood vessels.


The mucus membrane of the lips is pretty transparent. In other areas of our bodies, which are covered with skin, there are around 16 layers under the skin. However, the lips only have 3-6. That's why our lips are very transparent and look pinkish because of the blood vessels.

5. Lip cancer is more common among men than women.


Women use lip moisturizes more often. That's how women's lips stay moist and are protected against the UV beams. As men don't have this habit, they are more prone to getting lip cancer.

6. As we age, our lips get smaller.


The older people get, the less collagen is produced. Collagen is a vital protein, one of whose functions is to give shape to lips. The less collagen our bodies produce as we age, the thinner our lips get. Enjoy them while you can!

7. We can whistle thanks to the muscle called "orbicularis oris," located above the upper lip.


This muscle surrounds and therefore shapes our lips. We get to whistle, kiss, etc. only thanks to this muscle!

8. According to a Scottish psychologist, women who have distinct lip tubercle are more likely to experience vaginal orgasms.


There is a fleshy bump in the middle of your upper lip. That is called the tubercle. It is more significant in some, and less significant in others.

9. According to scientists, kissing is a way of exchanging biological information and feeling the pheromones of the opposite gender.


This biological exchange takes place in our brains as a background process. This means that kissing is very crucial in choosing a partner.

10. The reason why some women conceal their lips in some cultures is because the lips are considered a second genital organ after the vagina


Oral sex, obviously...

11. According to experts, red lipstick reminds men of the vagina image and color.


The findings of an experiment conducted by sociologists in France showed that men always find red-lipped women more attractive. The reason is the vagina association.

12. Your lips can get paralyzed.


This is a type of face paralysis, also known as Bell's Palsy. It follows from the damage of face nerves. People who suffer from this condition look either like they are always smiling, or like they are sad because of the shape their lips take. However, it is a temporary type of paralysis.

13. Lips are the only body part which both extends in and stretches outside of the body.


The mucus membrane, which makes up the inner mouth lining, also forms the lips.

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