13 Puzzlers About Sex That'll Leave You Speechless And Shocked!


Yes, my dear readers, here we are again with a post that contains interesting information on sex. Today I compiled 13 bits of information about sex you will be amazed by. Let's forget all we know and start learning again.

1. Researchers at Rutgers University used MRI imaging to find out exactly what is happening in your brain when you are sexually aroused:


The results are interesting: According to this, when the vagina, cervix, clitoris and nipples are stimulated, the different regions of the brain activate in response.

2. During sexual intercourse, the internal nose puffs up, as well as the sexual organs and breasts.


3. Sex is actually good for headaches that many people use as a common excuse to avoid sex.


Since sexual intercourse helps to relieve the tension that restricts blood vessels in the brain it can relieve headaches.

You have to find another excuse I guess!

4. An average male discharges about 17 liters of sperm throughout his lifetime; which corresponds to about 500 billion sperms.


5. Besides humans, bonobos and dolphins are rare animal species that have sex for pleasure.


6. When a man is unloading, the first shot advances at 28 miles per hour. This is faster than Usain Bolt's world record in 100-meter sprint at 27.8 miles per hour.


7. According to a study conducted at New York State University, "semen" can help fight depression.


The sperm contains chemicals that improve the mood of the person and are good for insomnia. It also contains cortisol which increases the feeling of love.

8. The average female orgasm lasts 20 seconds. This is 14 seconds longer than the average male orgasm.


9. -321 ° F is the temperature at which a sperm bank stores the semen they receive. At this temperature the sperm can be stored forever.


10. Greek couples have sex on an average of 138 times a year, they are first in the sex league. Japanese couples are the last to have sex only 45 times a year.


11. For a penis to be erect, you need an average of two tablespoons of blood.


12. It may surprise you, but some women have orgasms while giving birth.


13. Research shows that 85% of men who die of a heart attack during sexual intercourse die when they're cheating on their wives.


Wow, talk about a guilty conscience.

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