13 People's Weird Habits That Can Easily Drive Everyone Crazy!

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Do you get irritated when a waiter takes away your plate before you finish eating or when someone covers the seat in front of you with their hair?

1. “Server came and took his plate... while he was still eating.”

2. “One socket will do just fine...”

3. “If you do this, especially with people sitting in front of you, you are absolutely terrible.”

4. This woman, taking 2 seats without even using either of them.

5. This guy that took up 4 parking spaces

6. “My girlfriend complains that I always want to buy the same shoes, meanwhile...”

7. “The house across the road from me shut their window with the curtain sticking out.”

8. This guy on the plane

9. “My coworker leaves the spoon like this every time she uses it.”

10. “Most terrifying bathroom experience I’ve ever had”

11. Don't be like her.

12. When people do this... Why?

13. “My wife bought the wrong size screen protector weeks ago and it doesn’t seem to bother her. Me on the other hand...”

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