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> 13 People Share Their Breaking Points That Sent Them Over The Edge!

In a Reddit thread, people share their 'fuck this, I'm out' moments!

'The night a guy I dated for years ran through the front door of our apartment sideways, yelling, “Honey I know you don’t approve of hard drugs, but I just smoked crack and it was AWESOME.”


'Went to a borderline abandoned mall in my town and started exploring one of the abandoned restuarant. Got inside, walked into the back where it was dark, noticed the words “GET OUT” written in red on the wall, turned around and walked straight out.'


'Went to a friend’s birthday party as his favorite club. Found out he’d not only invited my abusive ex, but also paid for her train ticket to come up and see him. One of my good friends let me know that she was there, and the friend I rode with was like 'Nope, fuck this. We’re out', and we went back home.'


'Finally became self employed – said fuck this I’m out to my old soul crushing jobs.'


'Had been telling my boss that there was an error on the website that I cannot fix because I don’t have the permissions. I mention this several times to him. It would take him one phone call to get it straightened out, btw. The owner notices this error. Not only calls me out in front of the whole department about not caring about my job and taking advantage of his kindness, but also makes it a point to tell me I should thank my boss for having my back. It was the last straw placed on a huge pile of awfulness. I quit the next day.'


'My friends and I were hiking in a secluded area in Maine one summer, just messing around and making a lot of noise. We stumbled upon what looked like an abandoned campsite, trash everywhere, and a deskchair set on some rocks. We took a lot of the trash and the chair with us. We where wheeling the chair down the path when we saw a stream off to the left, and wandered over to it. We spent probably 5 minutes looking at the stream. When we returned to the path the chair was gone. We hadn’t heard anything. We left very quickly.'


'Montgomery , AL, two years ago driving down south with my girlfriend. 3 am gas stop while she’s asleep, walk in to prepay. As I walk out, see a huddle of crackwhores taking hits and handing their money to their pimp who’s dressed in the whole 70s era pimp suit, feathered hat and cane and all.'


'My 36 year old brother verbally abusing me on Christmas Eve. Again. I’m 31.

We’re too old for this shit!'


'Friend (24F) asked for my (23F) help to move to a new flat and promised a nice dinner as payment. I drove the car she had borrowed, lifted all the heavy stuff, helped her until way after dark. She made dinner, which turned out to be $1 canned tomato soup. When time came to return the car, she left me to drive alone for 40 minutes, return the car to people I didn’t know and with no return transport in the middle of the night. My dad picked me up, and I never talked to my friend again.'


'I had a scary interaction with a panhandler that was really aggressive and trying to get into my car. I had to go into a store and ask for help. So a few weeks later another was panhandler staggering toward me trying to get my attention a few weeks later saying, “Excuse me sir.” I sorta panicked and said it out loud and walked away as fast as I could.

He cursed at me a little bit, but fuck that.'


'My ex wife. She was a drunk, and away at training to be a flight attendant. Spent ridiculous amounts of money on getting wasted as often as possible. One night we’re on the phone, argument ensues (because she’s drunk), and she says, “I’m tired of you. You don’t do shit for me”. So I hung up, called AT&T, cancelled her cell phone, called State Farm and cancelled the insurance on her car, took all her shit out of my house and stuffed it in her car, called her parents to come get her car and told them I was done. The guy who never did shit for her, except pay for literally everything, actually stopped doing shit.

In the end, like 3 months later she got fired for failing to show up to work because… well, she was drunk.'


'When a co-worker violently punched a dent into a freezer when I told him to shut up, after months of him harassing me…

And I was reprimanded!

The director got a nice report after that, and he was fired two weeks later.'


'A group of friends and I were invited to an off-campus house party and walked into a completely silent house with a bunch of dudes (all of us minorities) sitting in the living room, using the floor since the couches had been packed. The host and the rest of his frat buddies started handing out paperwork and applications so we could join their fraternity.

No, sir. We bailed.'