13 Mistakes You're Probably Doing When You're Trying To Lose Weight!


The people who would like to lose weight are willing to try out every technique that they've heard about. Everyone's really confused when it comes to losing weight!

Do we have to starve ourselves to death? Can you lose weight only by cutting fat?

Here are some mistakes you're probably doing when you try to lose some weight!

1. Only consuming fruit


Although consuming fruit is good for your body, you should keep in mind that fruits contain sugar.

Consuming excessive amounts of fruit can turn into fat in your body. For that reason, it's best that you keep an eye on the amount of fruit that you consume.

2. The false assumption that starving yourself helps the weight loss process!


Contrary to the common belief, starving yourself doesn't help you lose weight. You might be fooled by the rapid weight loss in the beginning. However, after a short while, your metabolism will slow down and the weight loss decreases significantly. Instead of staying hungry for longer hours, try to have a healthy snack every 2 to 3 hours. This way, your metabolism won't slow down and the weight loss will be permanent.

3. Not including carbs in your diet!


Grainy foods have a water retaining structure due to the chemicals they include. The difference you notice on the scale is not a real weight loss but rather the water loss caused by not consuming carbs. Not consuming carbs is known to cause emotional instability in the long run.

4. Not consuming enough fatty foods!


Don't stop consuming fatty food if you want to lose weight. Not all of the fats are bad for your body. When you stop consuming fatty food, your body starts to stock up on fat as a reaction. Moreover, vitamins  A, D, E, and K won't be absorbed in the bowels. This can eventually create more serious health problems.

5. Drinking tea or coffee instead of water!

You probably already know this but tea and coffee contain caffeine. This is the reason why they are not irreplaceable with water. If you want to lose weight, you need to drink a considerable amount of water every day.

6. Trying to rapidly lose weight!


The diets that promise to make you lose weight rapidly are not your friend.

There is a healthy way to lose weight. Research shows that losing more than 2 pounds a week is not good for your health.

7. Just drinking parsley juice to lose weight!

Vitamin C rich parsley has a diuretic effect. When you try to lose weight by drinking parsley juice, you should note that you lose water, not weight.

8. The false belief that mineral water helps you lose weight!


Mineral water is a drink that aids digestion. However, only drinking mineral water is not enough for your body to burn fat.

Instead, you can try to drink mineral water after an exercise to regain the minerals you've lost.

9. Relying on acidic foods such as vinegar or lemon!

Drinking water with vinegar or lemon helps to balance the acids in the body. However, both of these ingredients don't have an effect on the fat burning process. When you consume too much of these acidic foods, you might experience problems in your gut.

10. Avoiding food after or before a workout!


If you exercise on an empty stomach, chances are you'll lose tissue from your muscles. You need to include a small amount of food at least 2 or 3 hours before your exercise.

The protein rich foods you'll consume after an exercise will help you build stronger muscles.

11. Believing that eating dried fruit and nuts won't help you lose weight!


Dried fruit and nuts are rich in proteins and grains. This is the reason why they are ideal for healthy snacks. You should keep in mind that consuming excessive amounts of anything can make you gain weight. However, if you eat these snacks in moderation, they are good for your overall health.

12. Drinking juice so that it gives you energy through your diet!


Although they seem innocent, freshly squeezed juices are very rich in calories. Instead of drinking juice, you might consider eating the actual fruit when you're trying to lose weight.

13. Consuming too much "diet" products!


Diet products do have decreased amounts of sugar and fat. The term diet does not mean that you can excessively eat these products. 

Make sure you check out the nutrition facts on the package.

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