12 Moments People Who Get Caught Up With Daily Life Stress Know


“Routine…” Ugh, what an irritating word. But once you’re surrounded by it, there’s no turning back. It completely wraps you and starts eating you from the inside. Charms you into an empty, dull world. Recall Inception, or perhaps the Matrix? The things mentioned in those movies are the ones we should try and get rid of.

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1. No understanding of “Enjoying life to its finest.”

2. They even start forgetting what they actually enjoy

3. The new routine is to say you are bored of the routine

4. They forget what’s the task and what’s tool to do it

5. They develop a talent to see only the bad side of things

6. They even wonder when their happy moment will end

7. They never try to break the cycle

8. They fear change to their bones, even though they are so bored

9. They bring the other people around them down, too

10. They are always annoyed, impatient and bored

11. They forgot what it feels like to imagine

12. Their whole life is a complete mess

Bonus: They often don’t even realize how caught up by the routine they are…

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