12 Of The 2000's Phenomenons Totally Gone Missing In Action!


The generation that is currently trying to make a living today witnessed some interesting things at the beginning of the 2000's. It was a new era for entertainment. We got to know more genres and different styles of series and movies.

You ever wonder where those former big stars are now? We did and looked up for you!

1. Tiziano Ferro

Tiziano Ferro
Tiziano Ferro

This handsome Italian singer won our hearts with his big hits like Perdono and Rosso Relativo. He continued his career successfully and launched a Best Of album and signed some concert deals.

2. Sean Paul


Jamaican singer, whose songs we have enjoyed a lot, is still in the business and he is doing good. He made us love Reggae and starred in movies, featured with other famous singers and won awards with the albums he made.

3. Natalia Oreiro

Natalia Oreiro
Natalia Oreiro

The star of the famous soap opera is now going through a tough time with her 25 cats in her one-bedroom apartment in Montevideo. Nope, just kidding. She is still active, both in acting and music. She keeps on winning awards and has expanded her filmography!

4. Facundo Arana (Ivo)

Facundo Arana (Ivo)
Facundo Arana (Ivo)

Let us give you some good news: Ivo didn't die. There was such a widespread rumor about his death that everybody believed it. He starred in 10 other series and then focused on theater. He won some awards and also made some music!

5. Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel
Tokio Hotel

German rock band, that rocked the music lists when they were 14-15 years old, is still active. They have made other albums and won an MTV's award for the best video clip last year. Their image seems to have changed, as well!

6. Shaggy


He is another celebrity who has had death rumors even when the rumor wasn't ss widespread. He has still been nominated for Grammy awards for reggae genre and still makes hits that are popular in other parts of the world.

7. Jojo


Jojo became famous when she was very young, but she is still in the business. She actually launched an album recently. She was in a relationship with Adu, who used to be a star football player and she is doing activist work. Their relationship didn't work out in the end.

8. Space Impact

Space Impact
Space Impact

Oh, the good old days! Even today's super high-tech games can't compete with this one. We used to have high battery life, so we just kept on playing like crazy. Today it is available to download in app stores: both older and newer versions.

9. Amy Lee

Amy Lee
Amy Lee

She used to be the idol of many young girls. And regardless of their idea of her music, many young girls also wore her make-up. Amy Lee, who ended her relationship with Seether's vocalist, got married to her friend and therapist Josh Hartzer in 2007 and had her son in 2014. She continues her career in music, although she isn't as popular as she used to be.

10. Princo CD

Princo CD
Princo CD

If we look at this Taiwanese tech company's website, we see that there haven't been any updates or announcements since 2006. :(

11. Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne

Avril is still in the music business and made her last album in 2012. She was married to Sum41's Derick Whibley from 2006 and 2010 and with Nickelback's Chad Kroeger from 2013 and 2015.

12. Blue


English boy band Blue, disbanded in 2005, but although they got together from time to time, they were never as popular as they had been. The girls that used to be Blue fans are now probably raising their kids. Where did the time go?

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