12 Most Common Cooking Mistakes We All Make!


Nothing is more tempting than a delicious dish that has been cooked and served properly. If you also have the talent to cook it by yourself, it's even more enjoyable. Here are some useful tips for those who are after making the perfect dish! 

***This article was originally published on Bright Side.

1. Overboiling the eggs

If you have grey circles around the yellow of eggs, you probably overboiled the eggs.

2. Flipping the food too much

Leave enough time for both sides to fry evenly. Flipping food too much does not help the cooking process.

3. Storing the wrong ingredients in the fridge

Some food need to stay in room temperature. Tomatoes, onions, garlic, potatoes, zucchini, eggplants, and  some tropical fruits such e.g. kiwi and mango taste a lot better when kept warm.

4. Eating meat right after it is cooked

Although it is tempting to dive into your dish, the meat tastes much better after 5 minutes.

5. Throwing frozen meat on a hot pan

The frozen meat should wait in the room temperature for a couple of hours so that you can fry it evenly.

6. Overfrying garlic

Garlic contains less water than most of the other vegetables. For that reason, it burns so quickly.

7. Not preheating the pan enough before starting to cook the ingredients.

As the top chefs suggest you should wait 2 more minutes, even if you think that the pan is heated.

8. Not using a proper measuring cap

Using the right ingredients can be important however using the right amount of ingredients is as much as important for better results. Skip using a water glass and invest in a proper measuring cup.

9. Using olive oil to fry things

Olive oil loses its nutritional value in high temperatures and starts to burn. For that reason, you might want to go with sunflower oil when you need to fry food.

10. Not adding salt into the water you boil pasta

Don't forget to add salt if you want to avoid tasteless pasta dishes. No sauce can help you save your dish if you forget to add salt to the boiling water.

11. Not using cast iron frying pans when cooking meat

Non-stick pans are good for omelets and pancakes. Using a cast iron pan when cooking meat will help you get a delicious crispy crust.

12. Putting too much ingredients into a single frying pan

Make sure you have enough space in the pan to leave the ingredients room to brown properly.

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