10 Helpful Tips For Any Couple To Be As Photogenic As Hollywood Stars!


Taking perfect couple photos is not rocket science! With these simple tricks, you and your significant other will easily have super cool couple pics! Everyone will be talking about how photogenic you two are, we promise.

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1. The Classic Pose: The Embrace

Slightly turn your body toward the camera, pay attention to your posture, and don’t lower your head too much.

2. Half Facing Each Other

Try to lower your arms and bend them slightly. This will look more elegant, plus it makes you appear slimmer.

3. Holding Under the Arm

This pose is much more successful, if one partner stands slightly behind the other.

4. Pressing Against the Shoulder

Remember to retain good posture and not squeeze your face against him. This looks more attractive, and it will also make you appear thinner.

5. A Half-turn to the Side with Your Right Shoulder Forward

A much better pose to adopt is to half face the camera with your shoulders spread wide, slightly hugging your partner.

6. How to Pose When Sitting

Stand a little behind your partner and lean on them slightly. Place your arms lightly on their shoulders without joining your hands together.

7. A Half-embrace with a Kiss

A more successful pose involves kissing on the temple rather than the forehead.

8. A Half-embrace and a Swing toward the Camera

Trick is to not to lean your heads against each other, as it can almost look like you’re physically joined together. Your shoulders should be spread out and slightly turned toward the camera.

9. A Simple Kiss

The ideal moment for a photo here is one second before the kiss takes place.

10. Another way to Pose while Embracing

Don’t overdo it when hugging your partner in a photograph, otherwise you run the risk of looking like one strangely shaped figure.

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