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What is Nicki Minaj’s Baby’s Name?
Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty. Quite a long name, isn’t it? If you’re wondering if that is really Nicki Minaj’s real name, yes, it actually is!Nicki Minaj is a Trinidadian rapper, singer, and songwriter. She is of a different nationality but her music is mostly famous in the US and even in other countries around the world. She is also known for being a versatile artist and having a wide range of flow and lyricism in her music. She is “spitting bars”, just like how some people call it. Here are a few interesting things about Nicki Minaj:Her hit single “Super Bass” (2010) is credited for being the highest charting female rap solo since 2002 when it reached top three on the US Billboard Hot 100.She has gained the titles “Queen of Rap” and “Queen of Hip Hop” by various music outlets.Minaj is known for having a unique flow in her songs and using a variety of accents.She once autographed women on their breasts to empower them.She revealed that she was once bisexual but is now hetero.Nicki Minaj’s life is interesting and there are a lot of things that we should know about her. But for today, let’s take a look at her personal life and the new addition to her family.
TikTok Slang Origins: What does ‘chupapi muñañyo’ mean on TikTok?
With the rise of social media, it is no longer a surprise that different generations have created multiple slang words that sometimes are very hard to decipher if we really are not in the loop. That, everyone, is what we are going to talk about: the meaning of various TikTok slang words and phrases.The phrase that we have today is “chupapi munyayo” or “chupapi muñañyo”.
TikTok Slang Origins: What does ‘BBL’ or ‘ the BBL Effect’ mean on TikTok?
The new words from short form video app TikTok just keep on coming. In this article, we are going to learn another new word which is famously used in the app. It is possible, though, that you might have not heard of this word since the algorithm varies for each user. Nevertheless, the words that we try to learn would still be something that we will come across with throughout our use of the app.The word that we are going to try and learn today is “BBL”. If you are part of the older millennials, then it is possible that you already have a preconceived meaning of “BBL” which would be “be back later”. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that is NOT the meaning of “bbl”.
TikTok Slang Origins: What does ‘caught in 4k’ mean on TikTok?
It seems that the TikTok dictionary always has new entries and is continuously accepting new words in their vast video realm. But for today’s word, some might already be familiar with it, especially if they always frequent other social networking sites like Reddit. Nevertheless, it is always great to make sure that we are using the words in the right context.We are going to take a look at the meaning of “caught in 4k” and how it is used.
TikTok Slang Origins: What does ‘4lifers’ mean on TikTok?
Another day, another new TikTok word to learn. In the TikTok Slang Origins, we attempt to discover the meaning of new words that users of the short form video app use. Some words may be a code, an acronym, or just another weird way of referring to something.Today, we are taking a look at a romantic and comedic way to showcase people in our lives.There is no shortage of new words to learn so let us take a look at what “4lifers” means.
The Top 10 Most Viewed Videos on TikTok (Updated in 2022!)
A lot of users nowadays use TikTok not only for entertainment but also for promoting their brand, their products, and basically anything that you want the world to see. In one of our previous articles, “The Top 5 Most Liked Videos”, we talked about some of the most famous videos ever liked on the platform. So if you think about it, it is quite possible that the most liked ones are the most viewed ones, too, right? But surprise, surprise! Not all most liked videos are the most viewed videos.Let us take a look at the Top 10 Most Viewed Videos on TikTok.
Funny Emoji Combinations on TikTok
If you frequent the short form video app TikTok, then you might have already noticed that some TikTok users have their own language. No, we are not talking about the TikTok slang that they use, but rather the multitude of emoji combinations that can simply rephrase a word, phrase, or even a complete sentence.Many users try to share the combinations that they have through the hashtags #emojicombos and #emojicombinations which have 44.8M and 940.3K views respectively.Let us satisfy your curiosity and learn some of the emoji combinations that are used on the app.
Was Harry Styles' Starbucks Drink for "As It Was" even Real??
Harry Styles and Starbucks fans were all over social media trying to piece together little breadcrumbs of information if there is indeed a partnership brewing between the two powerhouse brands. The alleged partnership between the former One Direction singer and Starbs was said to be in celebration of Harry’s latest sure-fire hit “As It Was.” Rumor or not, the response was overwhelming with fans heading over to their favorite coffee shop for their caffeine fix, and to see for themselves if there was indeed any semblance of a Harry Styles product. If his Instagram post for his latest single is any indication, just the mere mention of a possible Starbucks collaboration- speculation or not, has been successful. More than 7 million fans dropped a heart in Harry’s IG post featuring him in a red bedazzled jumpsuit- that’s a pretty high number even for THE Harry Styles.
A Short History of the Graham Cracker
Graham crackers have become the base of many of our favorite desserts- from holding up toasted marshmallows with chocolate syrup for campfire s’mores, to being ground up to form pie crusts for decadent cheesecakes, as well as many more deserts.We’ve also learned to eat it on its own as cookie manufacturers laced it with honey and cinnamon. It’s so common that we never even asked, “Why was it made?” That is until the question was asked on TikTok and Twitter, sparking a barrage of people turning to good-old Google for the answer. More surprising than people actually bothering to find out was the answer itself. Entrepreneur Magazine was among the first to write about the history of the Graham cracker online. According to their research, a minister in New Jersey named Sylvester Graham invented the cracker in 1829 as a means for people to curb sexual desires, much like the invention of cereals.
Willow & PinkPanteress Collaborate On A New Single
Though only coming to prominence in 2021, these two artists are taking the world by storm. Festival appearances and opening for big-name artists await both Willow and PinkPantheress, who have now collaborated on a great new song together. Here's the rundown on this new track.