Youngest Lotto Winner Is Ready To Pay A Man £60,000 A Year To Date Her After Failed Relationships!


Euromillions winner woman said she ready to pay her new boyfriend £60,000 a year to date her!

23-year-old Jane Park is the youngest lotto winners and she is ready to pay her new boyfriend £60,000!

After a couple of failed relationship, she hope that she can find love.

She is going to launch a dating website where men can apply to date with her and be her boyfriend!

Also she is willing to pay annual allowance so that they can afford to take her out for food and drinks.

She previously worked for an £8-an-hour job but she has £1million win after playing the game for the first time.

Up to now, she has used her money to buy new cars, handbags and new teeth.

She also announced that she had broken up with her 19-year-old footballer boyfriend on Instagram!

She also revealed that she had undergone a bum lift in June of 2017 but 'nearly died' following the surgery in Turkey.

We hope she can find the boyfriend she is looking for and prove that money can buy you love!

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