You Won't Believe These Are Just Dorm Rooms!


Living in a place that you love is important, no matter how much time you actually spend in the place you call "home." Because "home," with all its nice connotations, should be a place you love being at. Some of us are not very fortunate and may have to live in a rather ugly place. Good news! You can still turn your place around and turn it into an awesome living space without having to spend a fortune! Buzzfeed compiled these awesome decoration tips from some users. Are you ready to get to work?

1. This gorgeous room is something that only an art student can get away with. 😎

“My sister and I occupied an older, very TINY one hallway, two-bed dorm room. Nothing except the chair was moveable. All the walls were concrete and painted white. I really wanted to keep motivated and stay peppy (fine arts major) so I stepped it up a notch!”

2. A fluffy paradise with just the perfect amount of octopus! 😇

“My freshman dorm at Brown University! Recurring themes include foxes, octopuses, and all the pillows ever.”

3. A relaxing pause between beer smell and orientation classes. ☺

“I dressed up my sad, cinderblock dorm room with lots of beautiful fabrics. The best part — I don’t think I spent more than $20 on anything! Thanks, Amazon!”

4. Way to turn a wall into a masterpiece! 🚀

“I’m an art history major at Barnard College, so I’ve curated my own personal ‘museum’ of images that I’ve collected over the past two years of museum hopping in NYC!”

5. This one is just too cute to be called "a dorm room" 😍

“Our super homey dorm room at Northeast Mississippi Community College.”  👩❤️💋👩

6. Well until this, I thought my humble studio was more than OK. Now I just feel sad and silly. :)

“This was my dorm sophomore year. Kept my walls pretty low-key with a poster of the NYC skyline, a poster of my favorite band and movie, aaaand pictures of my #squad, of course. Oh! Can’t forget the string lights”

7. This looks like an ad for a nice furniture company!

“University of Nebraska-Lincoln.”

8. Minimalist, elegant, simple, yet beautiful ☺

9. Years of work (Yes, literally)... 😳

“I’ve spent years collecting magazine photos, they finally got put to use while in college. It took nearly a week to put up and days to take down. But it was worth it for everyone’s reactions when they saw it.”

10. This perfectly-coordinated and patterned wonder, which can’t possibly be lived in by 18 YEAR OLDS?? RIGHT???? 😍

11. It seems as if Kate Spade herself designed and decorated this room! 😅

“Ole Miss, decorated by mom on budget. She had me when she was 16 and did not have a traditional college experience. I think she wanted to give that to me so she said I could do her dorm anyway I wanted, 100%. Almost everything was a surprise to her. It was lots of work and LOTS of spray paint.”

12. A dorm room cannot be this cute and comfortable!

“Last year’s room at the University of Montevallo. You can’t tell, but the room was actually huge. We had a big TV and stand, a futon, two beds, closets, desks, a sink and STILL had room to walk around.”

13. Yet another room that really doesn't look like a dorm room but looks like it was designed by an architect. 😂

University of Alabama

14. Is this a room in a f*cking palace? 😳

Martin Hall at the University of Mississippi.

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