Why Do Some People Feel Relief When Most Are Scared While Watching A Horror Movie?


As you may know, some people feel a sense of relief when they're watching a horror movie, or that person may even be you. But have you ever wondered why this is happening? Are you a psycho? Well maybe you are, but that has nothing to do with having a sense of relief while watching a horror film. Let's see what the reason for this is.

According to experts, the majority of people who find peace during horror films are people with generalized anxiety disorder.


It is thought that the reason for finding peace in horror films is that people observe a worrying situation that is not relevant to them.


The person who knows that the event will not affect him/her, even if he/she is afraid of the film, focuses on these fears instead of his own fears that harm him/her more.

At this point, it should be noted that the act of watching horror movies is something that's attractive to the human mind.


You have seen or heard that adrenaline addicts do so dangerous tasks to get rid of these needs (such as walking on the edges of a very high-rise building's roof or hanging themselves down). Horror movies are actually much lighter versions of the same thing. As a matter of fact, while watching the horror film, we try to experience as much negative emotion and excitement as possible without risking ourselves in any way.

While watching horror films we know that there is nothing to be feared, but our instinctive mechanisms. which are inherited from our ancestors, in our limbic system are involuntarily engaged.


It is thought the adrenaline pump we have while watching a horror movie helps us push our fears aside.

It is worth mentioning another interesting psychological phenomenon at this point.


Even though we don't always show it, in some cases, we are delighted when the person we are with has lost or entered a difficult situation. Psychologists have conducted research on the cause of this condition for many years and have focused mainly on 3 different reasons.

The first reason is, the person in this position deserves to have difficulties or lose.


Maybe he/she did something wrong to us or someone else, justice will be served. This is the reason in the background.

A second reason is that we can't perceive the difficult situation that a person has fallen into as a very lethal situation, we can't empathize. For example, hearing someone's being deceived by a loved one can make us feel better, especially if we don't like that person. When we hear that the same person is involved in a serious traffic accident, even if we don't like that person, we are not pleasant, but we feel sad.

A third reason is that we don't have a share in the misfortune of the person in the movie.


If the person hasn't fallen into a difficult situation because of us, that is to say, if we don't experience the pain or loss the character is suffering from, and if we can't do anything about it, we may not feel sorry. As human beings, we are not very nice beings, what do you think?

When we try to adapt these reasons to horror films, we see that everything becomes clearer.


For example, we know that the character in the film is going to die, but because we know the character won't die in real life, we can enjoy the idea. Or if we can't do anything to save the character and because we don't have a fault in the situation he/she is experiencing, we can still enjoy the events that are going on.

To sum up, that's exactly what lies within the scientific and psychological basis of the situation.


If you see a person who finds peace from horror movies one day, or you are that person yourself, you can burst out all this information while they are joking around and saying "Are you a serial killer yourself," and get admired. Stay with science!

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