Very Banksy Christmas! The Artist's Latest Creation Sends A Haunting Message To Us!


Banksy has been sending the world a haunting new mural in Port Talbot, Wales.

Street artist Banksy has confirmed that a new mural appeared in South Wales.

At first glance, it seems like a Christmas motif - but actually, in this work of art, the British street artist gives a serious message.

When you look from just one side of the building, the mural appears to show a child.

The small child with a sled is catching alleged snowflakes with outstretched arms and outstretched tongue.

But by looking around the corner, it becomes clear that something other than snow is falling down on the boy

Ash rain rises in a dark cloud of smoke from a burning container.

Banksy posted a video showing the graffiti with the caption "Season's Greetings".

The video is underlain with the children's song "Little Snowflake".

He try to draw attention on environmental issues associated with the town’s industrial heritage.

People love it!

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