Urban Legend Cracked: Are Elephants Really Scared Of Mice?


We have seen this myth in cartoons, heard it in jokes, or "facts" about animals. It is one of the most common pieces of information about the animal kingdom. However, is it really true or complete bullsh*t? Time to learn and get smarter!

We won't build any suspense. Studies conducted have yielded no proof that elephants are scared of mice.


The person who made this up and managed to get so many people to believe it could be the biggest troll of all times. Good job.

What elephants are actually scared of is sudden movements.


Well, considering mice, who move quite fast, it is possible to understand where this claim comes from; but only to some extent, not fully.

The famous series of Discovery Channel, MythBusters, tested the claim that elephants are scared of mice.


They found out that elephants are scared of any object and animal that moves suddenly or jumps out, mice including.

However, once the elephants figured out that it was a mouse, they didn't give a single f*ck and just went on minding their own business.


This myth was subjected to experiment once again later on. A circus owner agreed to help. Ten elephants that weren't used to mice were shown a couple of mice. When the mice were released on the floor, the elephants didn't manifest any sign of fear. Not even close.

The second step was to put the mice in a box, which was then opened suddenly while elephants were passing them by. Elephants were initially scared of seeing the unexpected mice and their abrupt movements. However, again, as soon as they figured out that it was just mice, they went on going their way like nothing happened, without hesitating to pass them by.

In short, these cute animals don't have a mice-related phobia.


They aren't even considered prey for any animal in nature. No other living creature except humans, even lions. They have almost nothing to be scared of. What they have is reflexes, which are vital for any kind of living creature's survival.

Stay with science!

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