Two Heads, Extra Legs: 10 Of The World's Extraordinary Animals


We have collected the most unusual animals in the world. Some of them have two heads and some have more than one arm and leg due to a genetic mutation. We should warn you beforehand:  some images in the content may be disturbing.

10. Double-headed shark:

A few years ago a fisherman named Christian Johnston found this double-headed shark on Australian shores. 

Blue sharks have a large number of double-headed offspring. The reason is that there are 50 babies in the womb.

9. Five-legged lamb

Very rare 5-legged lamb was born in England. Texel Mule, whose name she took from Forrest Gump, is rather healthy despite his many legs and the owners of the farm treat him like a member of their family.

8. Two-headed turtle

This turtle was born in 2016. The owner, Joe Armansary, says he was in shock when he saw it. Healthy and live a normal life like other turtles.

7. Double-headed snake

Tom and Jerry, the 17-year-old double-headed snake in California.

6. Double-headed kitten

This double-headed kitten had become the focus of interest all over the world when he was born 10 years ago. He could only live for 3 days because of the lack of air to his lungs. Veterinarians said they were surprised that they were able to survive the night they were born.

5. Double-headed calf

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In 2015, when the cows gave birth to a double-headed calf, the family was shocked. Annabel had four eyes, two mouths, two noses, two ears and two heads.

4. Deformed baby goat

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The pictures of the baby goat were a little creepy because the face was a bit different from the others.

3. Conjoined piglets

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In 2010, pigs were born in China. They had two bodies but one head. Puppies had 8 legs and 3 ears. For the piglets who died shortly after birth, the experts were informed that they were the result of genetic mutations.

2. Two-headed calf

A couple in China were shocked against the table they saw in 2011. This extraordinary calf was her mother's sixth cub. Everything in their head was fully developed, but he could not stand up alone.

1. Tiger victim of inbreeding

Kenny took the nickname 'the ugliest' big cat in the world in a very brutal way. In fact, Down's syndrome was different from the others. All of her siblings, except Kenny and Willie, were killed at birth or in the womb, as her parents were siblings.

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