This Week On:15 Bits Of Interesting Information For Those Who Are Always Hungry For Knowledge


Here we are again with the facts you may or you may not know about. It has become our tradition to enlighten you with knowledge that'll make you superior to others. If you haven't yet, take a look at our old post about these bits of information.

1. We have a tongue print like a finger print.

2. The oldest condoms date back to the 1640s. Intestines of animals and fish were used to make these.

3. The world's loneliest animal is a whale looking for a partner for nearly 20 hears. Its innately thin voice prevents other whales from hearing it.

4. Babies laugh. Because they realize that they make their mothers happy by doing so.

5. Oysters and clownfish can change sex.

6. The reason why such odd patterns are used in the test cars is the privacy reasons. This way the aerodynamics and design lines of the car are not exposed.

7. Adolf Hitler decided to become a vegetarian in the last days of his life.

8. There is an average of 336 holes in a golf ball.

9. The writers used bread crumbs as erasers back in the days.

10. The Eiffel Tower is painted every 7 years.

11. Reading novels and stories increases the ability to empathize because it allows people to look at events from the eyes of others.

12. The labels on fruits can be eaten.

13. When you were born, you were the youngest person in the world for a very short period of time.

14. It is a rule that all signs in Israel have to be in Arabic. Because Arabic is one of the official languages in Israel.

15. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) trains some special students in the field of marksmanship, archery, and maritime, making them certified pirates!
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