This Lingerie Model Has The Longest And Most Bizarre Checklist For Potential Dates!


A Scouse lingerie model shocked First Dates viewers last night with her 22 point checklist of requirements for potential suitors. And, ironically, two of the demands were ‘no relationship rules or restrictions’ and ‘someone not controlling.’

Jade Ainsworth, 33, is from Halewood, and she stunned everyone’s favorite TV barman, Merlin, with the lengthy wishlist she had stored on her phone, that included someone ‘with a low sex drive.’

Jade was paired with a man named Adam who she didn’t quite feel the spark with.

"I’ve been asked three times before to appear, but I’d never seen the show so I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for." she said.

"My mum eventually persuaded me to go on and after a couple of interviews over Skype I headed down to London."

"I’ve been single for four years and I’m obsessed with my dog Daisy who sleeps in my bed – I even have a 50inch picture of her on my wall, I’m obsessed and producers were keen to hear about that." she says.

She also says that she works seven days a week and doesn’t have ‘time to be messing around.’

Here's the full list:

  • no snorers, 

  • no pensioners, 

  • no midgets, 

  • no one unemployed, 

  • no one with a wife or girlfriend, 

  • no minors.

Then she started getting more specific:

  • someone with banter, 

  • someone that can socialize, 

  • someone who can drive properly, 

  • no relationship rules or restrictions, 

  • someone not controlling, 

  • easygoing, 

  • doesn’t live with their parents, 

  • no baggage, 

  • someone who can drink, 

  • no smokers,

  • no steroids, 

  • no tattoos, 

  • low sex drive,

  • no one miserable, 

  • no one with a psycho ex, 

  • no one who’s tight.

Despite the never-ending list, Jade has been inundated with messages from men keen to take her on a date.

Hopefully she’ll find her ‘easygoing’ man...

... with no ‘relationship rules or restrictions’ to match her.

Source: UNILAD

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