This Guy Proposed With A Custom Monopoly Board, And It Will Melt Your Heart!


You may think that playing games with the person you love is never a good idea, but this guy will change your mind and show you how to do it. Justin, a Redditor by the name of justinlebon26, won the proposal game by popping the question to his now-fiancée, Michal, with an incredible game of engagement-themed Monopoly! He wrote, "It took a lot of planning, but I enjoyed every second of it. I’ll never forget that day."

Justin won the game of love by proposing to his now-fiancée, Michal, with a custom Monopoly board.

First, Justin used Excel to design his own property cards…

…along with Chance and Community Chest cards he printed out on stock paper.

He decided to make the board out of a vintage icebox…

…and had a pal hand-carve the designs into the board.

Then, Justin finished off the project by creating all of the pieces for the game.

He gave this incredible game to Michal as a Christmas present…

…and the couple played the game that day.

Every place on the board had a special meaning, from how they met on…

And their first date at an ale house…

To the hotels they stayed in…

The streets they grew up on…

The lakes they both love…

…and some of their favorite places to visit in California.

The board also had a compartment for all the cards and game pieces…

…as well as the custom rule book.

Justin popped the question with a “Will You Marry Me?” Chance card.

Michal said “yes” and advanced to the Luxury Tax space on the board…

…which lifted up to reveal a gorgeous engagement ring!

Everyone was a winner in this game!

Source: Elite Daily

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