There Is Only One Legitimate Way To Stop Your Hiccups


And no, that is not to hold your breath until you pass out. There are a million things people tell you to do when you have the hiccups. But science explains that there is only one way to stop it...

It happens to the best of us.. At most absurd times...

It gets more disturbing as the clock ticks... And hiccups go wild...

At first let's take a look at the science of hiccups.

While we eat or drink, if our mind is busy with something else, the signals sent to the diaphragm and the valve may be mixed. This leads to contradictions of the diaphragm and we get the hiccups.

Everybody knows a million not-working ways to "stop" the hiccups.

The most known one is to scare the person with hiccups... But it doesn't really work that way.

Drinking lemon juice, trying to sneeze using black pepper and many more...

Another useless method is to hold the breath...

So what should you do to stop your hiccups next time?

The most accurate solution is to breathe carbon dioxide.

Don't panic, it's not hard at all...

You can take a plastic or paper bag and breathe continuously to the inside of it.

After a while, the brain thinks the body's being poisoned, and it starts being dramatic again...

Your brain's next move will be to shut down the unnecessary energy waste to save it for the fake carbon dioxide poisoning.

Ssssh your brain doesn't know it's fake. But Voila! Your hiccups will be gone just like that.

Another tip to consider:

Breathing too much carbon dioxide can make you dizzy, don't overdo it...😂

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