The Latest Claim Made About The Theory Of Parallel Universes Mixed Up The World Of Science


Is our universe unique? From science fiction to science fact, there is a proposal out there that suggests that there could be other universes besides our own, where all the choices you made in this life played out in alternate realities. So, instead of turning down that job offer that took you from the United States to China, the alternate universe would show the outcome if you decided to venture to Asia instead. Let's take a deeper look of this intriguing theory.

As you are reading this text, what is 'you' in another world doing?

Or should we ask like this: Do you believe that there is another 'you' in another universe?

The theory of parallel universes is one of the most important topics that have preoccupied the world of science for many years.

It is also the theory that unanswered questions are the most heavily accumulated.

So, what does this theory say?

First of all, it is worth pointing out that scientists revealed that a particle smaller than an atom exploded in less than a second and created the universe we now live in.

The Parallel Universe Theory is also based on this sudden explosion.

Scientists believe that the Big Bang, which we all accept as the beginning of the universe and took place about 13.8 billion years created another universe where time flows in the opposite direction and there is a reflection of us.

That is, there is more than just one universe. It's eternal.

An argument made by this theory is that we can never prove the existence of universes, even though the existence of these universes is definite.

The reason is that there is no interaction between these universes.

So they say there is another you in another universe, but this can never be proven.

Because your decisions didn't create another universe, that universe was already there, and you just have the power to change the way you are in the world you're already in with the decisions you make.

One more claim was added to the brain-burning theory, and this one is a bit more concrete.

Because the Cold Spot, whose mystery has been trying to be solved by the world of science for many years, is the basis for the existence of parallel universes.

The Cold Spot is a concept in the universe that can't be revealed just like black holes.

We knew that there have been recent developments in the formation of this spot that is for some reason 0.00015 degrees colder than its environment.

One of the most widely accepted views in recent years was that it was a 'lost matter' in comparison to its environment.

So it had fewer matters than black holes or other structures around it, and this was the reason it was cooler.

This claim can be explained by particle physics and hasn't yet been completely refuted, but another claim has been made.

According to this claim, the Cold Spot may have formed by the collision of our universe with another bubble universe.

That is, a remnant of an atom exploding 13.8 billion years ago by a collision with another atom ...

If this assertion is true, we are one of the living beings randomly living in of the existing universes.

A simple living creature that lives in a random order from an infinite number of universes that we we will never be able to understand.

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