The Heartbreaking Photoshoot Of A Mother-To-Be And Her Husband In The War Zone!

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Today, we're going to look at a photograph. But this is not your ordinary picture. We're not going to talk about how beautiful the landscape is or how good the light hit the object. This picture describes more than what words can do. It's short and enough to make you cry. Let's look more into this hearbreaking story.

Earlier last month, Veronica Phillips booked a maternity shoot session with Jennifer McMahon, who is a photographer.

Phillips explained that her husband, Brandon, would not be present because he was overseas serving in the air force and that she would be wearing his jacket for some of the photos.

She also asked McMahon whether it would be possible to incorporate Brandon into some of the photos.

McMahon said yes, and the result is simply stunning.

McMahon – who runs Jennifer Ariel Photography – said that she was heartbroken when she heard Phillips' story and decided to photoshop a picture of Brandon, which he had taken previously, with one of Veronica.

Photographer Jennifer McMahon said she loved taking this photo after hearing the sad story.

She posted the photos to her Facebook page, where it has been shared more than 5,000 times.

Look at all the support she got on her facebook page.

McMahon said the couple are very happy with the photos and that Veronica cried when "she saw how I was able to place Brandon's hand on her stomach."

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