The Countdown Has Begun: The World’s First Human Head Transplant Will Take Place In 8 Months!


Here's is an exciting, mind blowing, even insane science news: in December, the world’s first human head transplant will take place! Everyone wonders if it will be successful, and the operation will be headed by Doctor Sergio Canavero.


Undergoing the transplant will be 30-year-old Valery Spiridonov from Russia, who is terminally ill with muscular atrophy.

Spiridonov’s head will be removed from his body and reattached to the body of a brain-dead donor. If everything goes well, Canavero expects Spiridinov will regain muscle control with his new body.

Canavero will use a specially designed knife for the operation to cut the spinal cord.

Spiridonov’s head will then be frozen to prevent him from bleeding out before Canavero repairs the spinal cord and attaches it to the new body.

Not everyone expects the operation to go flawless though.

Some scientists warn that putting a foreign head on a new body could lead to “undiscovered levels of insanity.” To prepare Spiridonov for the switch, a team of programmers developed a virtual reality system.

The procedure will cost $20 million and require a team of over 150 doctors, nurses, and technicians.

That's a lot of money, but if the transplant is successful, the last thing we will be talking about will be the money. Because this is INSANE.

Take, for example, rich old dudes paying to have their heads put on a young person's body so they can live forever.

OR, putting heads on animals' bodies, maybe?

Or have you heard about the same doctor's monkey head transplant story?

Last year,  Sergio Canavero posted pictures of the creature whose head appears to have been grafted onto the body of another animal.

He claimed to have carried out the first head transplant on a monkey. Now he'll try it on a human being. We hope all goes well for everyone!

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