The Awesome Family That Quit Everything To Move To The Countryside!


Kate Maclean and Nick Zingelbaum, both software engineers, lived in San Francisco and had a very urban life style, commuting to work everyday. Kate had an important job at Facebook and Nick was the manager of a company named NRDC, until Nick's aunt wanted them to take care of her house in the French Alps for a winter.

The couple, who experienced countryside life style for a whole winter at Nick's aunt's house,never wanted to go back to the city. That's why they resigned from their pretty good jobs and decided to live in the countryside.

They thought about where to go for a long time. First of all they, moved to their cousin's house in North Carolina, where Kate worked in the barn and field, and nick at the butcher's.

And then, they saw Vermont and fell in love with it. After agreeing that it was definitely the place that they wanted to live, they built a humble ranch house.

The toughest thing about their new life was not having the money that they did while they were still working their jobs. Because they do agriculture, the weather conditions didn't allow them to have a regular income.

The family, who then really got used to village life, set up a small farm. They started to sell products from the animals that live on their farm to make some money.

The family rents their small guest house online for the weekends.

Kate says that running a farm is not easy as it looks. They don't have the concept of holidays or weekends. They have to get up early, everyday, to take care of the animals.

But mother nature has always remunerated their efforts. The fact that their son, Leland, grows up in nature makes them especially happy.

They miss almost nothing about the city life. They have already made many friends. Kate says "It is not a big deal that there isn't a coffee shop or a yoga center."

Their advice to the people who also want to live in the countryside like them is that they do it ASAP, because life is too short. They also say that 6 months is a long enough time to arrange everything once you set your mind to it.

The family, who says that their biggest inspiration is silence and peace, adds that all the noise they hear there is of cows, pigs, goats and roosters.

Consider how happy the people in the photo must be, if just looking at this photo makes you this happy.

By the way, the languages that Kate wants to learn as soon as possible are Turkish and Japanese, because they like trying out new cuisines in their ranch house, and and love Turkish food.

A new family member is on the way. Kate and Nick are going to have a little baby girl. And we don't doubt that she will be at least as cute as their son, Leland.

It is impossible not to envy Kate and Nick's life. Their photos are just so full of peace... Don't forget: life is too short!

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