Something Better Than Both Flowers And Ice-Cream: Gelato Flowers!


Everybody loves flowers and ice-cream, right? Good, because the good ice cream makers at i-Creamy in Sydney, Australia combined these two irresistible things, only to have created the most beautiful ice-cream ever! This is a feast both for your eyes and for your palate! Are you ready set sail to new adventures, leaving the traditional measurement by scoops behind you? Are you ready to see ice-cream that is just too pretty to eat?

We have compiled these from Bored Panda for you! We are sure they will make you look exactly like this: 😍

1. Both a new style for your Instagram photos,

2. And edible!

3. How many likes must this one have received?

4. Instabloggers will love this!

5. It is like killing two birds with one stone.

6. If you wanna see how it is done:

7. Either colorful,

8. Or in pastel shades:

9. That's how ice-cream is revolutionized!

10. Aren't you craving for one, too, right now?

11. And we wish you luck finding the courage to start eating this. (Well except the obvious and inevitable fact that it will melt sooner or later.)

12. Everybody seems to like the gelato flowers! 😋
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