Smell Good, Be Fresh: A Guide To Making Your Perfume Last Longer


We all want to smell good, but are we doing it right? Perfumes are an art and choosing the right one is a delicate matter. Even more, it's important that the smell lasts. Here are a few techniques to achieve that, so check them out and create your signature!

First, find the scent that completes you. This is related to your skin type and original smell. The right scent that fits your smell will last longer.

Scents that fit your smell will create a unique combination that will be like your signature.

In order to make your perfume last longer, make sure that you are clean. This way the scent won't mix with the smell of sweat and outside elements.

Moisturize your skin before putting on a perfume. The oil will help the perfume's molecules to hold on tighter to your skin, making the smell more permanent.

Don't forget; the moisturizer has to be scent-free since you don't want the smells to mix. 

A good alternative is using the creme that's included in your perfume pack, as they smell the same.

If you don't have a scent-free moisturizer, you can use a scent-free lip balm instead. Focus on areas where there's a pulse.

Of course, this isn't as ideal as a moisturizer since the area is limited.

Instead of spraying on clothes, spray your perfume directly on your skin. When your body heats up during the day, the perfume's molecules will also become active and last longer.

Moisten areas with a pulse, such as the neck, inner elbow, and behind the knee will help the molecules to maintain their activity.

If you spray a little on your comb and use it, the perfume scent will spread with each of your movements and the wind.

This smell is very light but increases permanence.

You may have to re-apply, according to your skin type. For example, perfumes usually last 3-4 hours on dry skin while they last up to 6 hours on oily skin.

Re-apply accordingly.

Keep your bottle closed and in a dry area that doesn't see sunlight so that it lasts longer. This is important for its performance.

We smell perfumes in 3 steps. When we first spray, we notice the higher tone. After the alcohol disappears we notice the mid-tone and when it finally combines with our skin we smell the bottom tone. This last tone is what you smell throughout the day, and the most important part.

In order to decide whether the perfume is right for you, wait until you smell the last tone. Don't rush!

Vanilla, pine, and woody scents are more permanent as they are low-key.

The type of perfume also changes it's permanence. The less dense, less permanent.

"Parfume" can last up to 6 hours with its formula, but "Eau de Toilette" will disappear in an hour or two.

If you buy dense perfumes you will have a more permanent smell.

But the price rises with the density.

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