Saffiyah Khan: The Brave Woman Who Stood Up To An EDL Leader To Protect A Muslim Woman


The moment protester Saffiyah Khan faced down extremist supporters, including their leader Ian Crossland, became the enduring image of the group's march in Birmingham on Saturday. In the face of vitriol she smiled and today she winked as she said she was 'not scared in the slightest' by the EDL (English Defence League) but was taken away by police for her own safety during the stand-off.

A defiant young British Asian woman who grinned as she confronted the English Defence League after a Muslim woman in a headscarf was surrounded by up to 25 men said 'I don't like seeing people getting ganged up on in my town.'

According to Daily Mail, Miss Khan said she 'was not scared in the slightest' but stepped in because she claims police did not protect the Muslim woman. She added, 'Sometimes it's more important to smile than to shout.'

Miss Khan was eventually taken away by police for her own safety.

Saffiyah Khan spoke about her experience on the BBC today and smiled and winked as she said she was not scared of the EDL.

Miss Khan is seen standing with one hand in her pocket calmly looking down at an irate Crossland, before smiling at him. Explaining what happened she said, 'I kept myself out of the way but sadly it did kick off between the EDL and a lady in a headscarf.'

In response, the campaign group Hope Not Hate posted an image from EDL leader Crossland's Facebook account reacting to the image.

It said, "The dirty unwashed left-wing scrubber was grinning because she managed to disrupt a demo. And the disrespectful witch chose the minutes silence for the victims of the terror attack in Stockholm and Westminster. 'She's lucky she got any teeth left.'"

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