Relationship Coach Helps Men With Dating Advices And He Charges $3,000 Per Client


Chris Manak is a relationship coach and he gives advices to men about dating issues, and his cheapest service cost is $50!


Since 2008, 37-year-old Chris Manak has been a professional relationship coach.

He teaches men how to approach women and how to analyse their successes and mistakes.

He thinks men need help about their relationship because they are given wrong advices and this makes them insecure.

He told: "I teach men how they can go out and meet the women that they would like to meet. I encourage them to find freedom in dating - i.e. dating who they want to date, not just settling for whoever happens to like them..." to DailyMail.

He thinks advices not only make their relationships better also give them confidence in their whole life.

He added: "This is not just running around picking up women like some people might believe, it's looking at yourself and figuring out how you can improve so that you're living an all-round better life..."

His book-based course costs $50 while his skype sessions cost $250.

His services involves five weeks and he is paid $3,000 per client.

Mr Manak said if a man thinks 'he does the right thing' and 'he says the right thing', it can end up the relationship.

He says: "A girl wants to date an equal, someone she can relax and have fun with. Not someone that is doing everything to impress her. "

He advised that men should not have high expectations on a date and they should consider they can fail.

His advices help the most of his clients in both their life and their relationship.

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