Purr Kitty! 13 Comics That Only People With Four-Legged Friends Will Understand!


Lucas Turnbloom is a cartoonist from Southern California. In 2017, his wife and Lucas rescued a little cat, and he started to a webcomic based on her adventures called, “How to Cat.” You can click here for the artist's Instagram page and more about his adventure with his four-legged friend!


Source: https://www.instagram.com/lucasturnbloom...

1. Always give them enough food.

2. Who's good kitty 😄

3. You never have private time if you have kitty...

4. Nature is cruel...

5. You MUST play with your kitty even if it's 2 am in the morning!

6. 😅

7. You should be patient if you have kitty...

8. They can lick themselves wherever they want, you cannot meddle.

9. Meanings of their body language.

10. They never leave you alone, even in the bathroom...

11. Belly rubs? RIGHT NOW!

12. Scratch her butt, immediately!

13. Like we said, no private time...

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