Puppy Stuck In Well In Istanbul Rescued After 10 days !


A puppy that fell into a well in Istanbul's Beykoz district was rescued in an operation early on Feb. 15, thanks to the incredible teamwork of local fire crew, animal rights volunteers, coal miners, disaster recovery units, and the support of social media users and even high school students who developed a special robotic arm to help rescue the stuck canine. Rescue crews had been desperately trying to save the little Anatolian shepherd, a guard dog, since it fell into a 30-centimeter wide and 230-foot-deep well 10 days ago.

The little dog was named Kuyu (which means well in Turkish) after being rescued, and adopted by the Beykoz Fire Crew after medical examinations.

The puppy fell into a 230-foot-deep well that was drilled by the municipality around a week-and-a-half ago in the Dereseki Neighborhood in Beykoz district of Istanbul.

Local municipality crews and animal rights volunteers had been trying to retrieve the dog with limited tools for over a week. However, the well was so tight (30 cm wide) and too deep to reach the dog.

Meanwhile, social media users who had been following the incident made the issue one of the trending topics on social media by using the hashtag #direnkuyu (resist well).

Throughout the rescue process, the dog had been monitored by a camera lowered to the bottom of the well as rescue teams were trying to get hold of the animal with a rope and a net.

The stuck canine had been provided with necessary food and water as the rescue operations continued.

Units from the Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) arrived at the scene on Sunday and erected a tent over the well to ease the efforts to retrieve the dog amid freezing weather and snowfall. Some 15 people were taking part in the puppy's rescue operation.

Meanwhile, Turkish Coal Institute (TKK) teams from Zonguldak contributed their efforts to save the puppy, accompanied with a brief from Energy Minister.

The Mayor of Beykoz, Yücel Çelikbilek, who was following the rescue works in the area, said teams were doing their best.

“Rescue teams are trying new methods to rescue the dog. They are expending a lot of effort to save it. But the dog has not responded to their efforts and it has not been lured by any traps. If it does get into a [bucket] we won’t be able to get it out of the well. This is our only chance,” he added.

Students from Bahçeşehir Science and Technology High School even developed a robotic arm for the rescue operation of the puppy.

Finally good news! The puppy was rescued on February 15 at 5:45 a.m. after 10 days of continuous efforts.

Luckily, the puppy seems to be fine after the 10 days it spent 230 feet deep down the well, as early medical examination shows.

The puppy named Kuyu (well) by the fire crew who also requested to adopt Kuyu!

Istanbul Municipality announced the puppy's new home on its Twitter account: The Fire Department's Beykoz Division. Kuyu will live with its saviours!

In case you want to share the joy of the rescue crew, here is the footage of the moment they pull out Kuyu from the well:

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