Precious Feet! Fetish Model Sells Her Unwashed Socks And Earns £100,000 A Year!


A  young woman working as a foot fetish model has revealed that she earns almost £100,000 a year by selling used socks and trainers to her fans.


After having compliment of her 'gorgeous' feet, 33-year-old Roxy Sykes broke her way into the unusual erotic industry.

She decided to set up an Instagram page to see how true the interest in her feet was.

She reached over 10,000 followers in a month and she decided to listen to her 'fans'.

Now she has 50,000 followers!

Roxy started selling shoes and dirty socks on her social media accounts!

She earned £20 per pair of socks, and £200 for shoes.

She's been in the business for four years now and she claims that she can earn up to £8,000 in a busy month.

"After being told by a colleague that I had beautiful feet, I was convinced to set up a social media account to show them off." she said.

Roxy says she has no plans to retire because no matter how old she is, her feet will always make money!

She added: "I would be in business meetings, taking photos of my feet under the table, and getting an influx of messages by the hour asking if they could buy anything."

She moved her business onto different websites as well as social media.

And she suddenly started making £2000 a week from just one website alone!

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